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ONTD Original: A few more moments that prove Justin Timberlake is trash.

Exhibit 1: Smell my finger

While Britney and Justin both publically claimed to be virgins for the tenure of their relationship, their old choreographer Darrin Henson revealed that Justin told him to smell his finger after having sex with Britney.

Exhibit 2: The sexist 'Justified' Promo Tour
His first solo 'Like I Love You' flopped despite massive promotion. He decides to switch up his promotional strategy by making it all about his break up. During a Barbara Walters interview he sang a song that called Britney a 'Horrible woman'

He talked A LOT about their sex life and bragged constantly about taking away her virginity.

He mentioned it on the Radio as well: (WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!)

Exhibit 3: Cry Me A River
Justin tricked Britney into approving her lookalike to be featured on 'Cry Me A River', everything happened to fast for her to object.

Exhibit 4: Looking for Revenge
Britney was over Justin, she was dating Colin Farrell and some other dudes. Then the VMA's came and she famously kissed Madonna. Christina also kissed Madonna but nobody gave a fuck. He was pissed as fuck.

So what did he do? He went on tour with Britney's "nemesis", Christina Aguilera...

Exhibit 5: He got handsy with Kylie
Remember that time he grabbed Kylie Minogue's ass? It wasn't an accident. He planned it. He enjoyed it. He bragged about it. He wanted to do it again.

Exhibit 6: He abandoned Janet
After the Superbowl incident, Janet took most of the critics while Justin was hiding in the shadows. HEr career was destroyed, she was banned from the industry...

...while Justin won a Grammy the next week. ugh.

Exhibit 7: He had a beef with Prince (why is he performing with him then?)
Prince hated Justin's "Sexyback". during an Emmy's after party Prince even yelled 'Sexy back? Sexy never left!'

So...why is Justin performing with hologram prince Tonight? is it to ride on Prince's fame now that he's dead and his hologram can't refuse to do it? (This is not a sentence i thought i'd be writing 5 years ago... )

JT even mocked Prince's height when he wasn't around.

Exhibit 8: Kick'em while they're down
During Britney's very public meltdown, Justin released 'What goes around comes around', telling his version of the breakup and wishing her the worse.

As if that wasn't enough, he dedicated 'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse to Britney as she was publicly dealing with mental health issues.

Exhibit 9: He won't let it go...
He was still talking about taking Britney's virginity YEARS after that happened.

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ONTD, any moments i missed?
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