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The Good Place's Manny Jacinto talks to GQ

He tells GQ
- How he is like Jason and Chidi.
- His parents were cool about him acting. His father is his biggest fan.

[Click for the story]This one story, this got me so much: We get merchandise from the team as a wrap gift at the end of each season, and one of the gifts was a baseball cap. My dad wears that baseball cap every day, whenever he’s out and about, running errands. I think it was last winter break where I had dinner with him and my mom. The hostess was kinda looking at me funny, and she came back and kinda looked at me again, gave me this weird eye, and she started—this is in Canada, Vancouver, Richmond specifically, so it’s a smaller town—and she’s like, “This might be a very weird question, but are you…”

And then my dad points his finger up and points to the hat that he’s wearing, and he’s like, “This one?” And before I could even say anything, he interrupts and is like, “This show right here?” And the hostess is like, “Yes!” And then before I can really get anything out, my dad just goes off: “Oh yes, he’s from The Good Place. Have you watched the show? Have you seen the whole season? Are you excited to meet him?”

He was really excited when that happened and couldn’t help gushing over the show. He is my biggest fan. I just love him so much for that.

- Seeing Jabbawockeez on America’s Next Dance Crew on TV has made an impact on him.

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Whats your favorite Jason Mendoza's line?
This is my excuse to post pics and talk about how hot Manny is!!
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