Chuckie (chuckisfuckis) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

AWOLNATION released the best rock album of 2018

According to ONTD poster CHUCKISFUCKIS, at least.

You may be familiar with AWOL thanks to their hit single that just won't die, SAIL. Or if you're super old like me and remember TRL hosted by Carson Daly (side note: remember when he was engaged to Tara Reid?? Anyway), you're probably familiar with Aaron Bruno's previous band, Under The Influence of Giants (Mama's Room).

But enough about the past~~

Here Come The Runts is out now! Turn off the new Justin Timberlake Brohanne album and turn on this record. It's written by a white man with enduring talent who tells a love story with the help of catchy hooks and melodies. Do not snooze on this album, beloveds!


Source: Passion | Handyman

You can stream the album NOW. Just follow these links:

Spotify | Apple Music

Please feel free to leave your favorite tracks from the album in the thread below so I can flame your taste if needed. Current stand outs for me are: Here Come the Runts, Passion, Handyman, Jealous Buffoon, Table For One, and My Molasses.

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