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Brandon Flowers is looking like a casual and tasty snack 🍫, interview with LV ReviewJournal

The Killers performed live for listeners at the alt987 lounge. Photos from that performance were shared online and BFlow is looking like quite the tasty snack.

Flowers on new song "The Calling": “I said something about light, and he [Mark Stoermer] had just been looking at a painting by Caravaggio called ‘The Calling of Saint Matthew,’ ” where Jesus is pointing at Matthew and there’s a light shining on him. We looked at that picture and we wrote that song around it.”

On why BFlow chose Woody Harrelson to open the song: "He just sounds a lot cooler reading these passages out of the New Testament than any of us did,” Flowers notes — where Jesus explains why he’d dine with a tax collector like Matthew and invite him to be a follower."

On being one of the last rock bands still standing today: “It’s a little scary out there,” the 36-year-old Flowers acknowledges. “We’ve definitely got one foot in the fundamental, rock and roll, arena band world, but then I also believe that we have a foot in the future. I think we’re combining these two worlds and people seem to appreciate it. There are tried-and-true things about showmanship and about performance that I’m a student of, and we apply those. And then we’re also aware of what’s going on, and we’re trying to move forward. Having a little dash of Las Vegas on top of that never hurt anybody, either."

tasty bflow.

ONTD, what songs should The Killers perform if they were ever chosen for the SuperBowl?

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