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Placebo's Brian Molko reflects back on the band's career

-Reflects on the band's 23-year history, how they didn't mind scorn from the press, and embraced the rock-n-roll lifestyle as a rite of passage
-The band's motivation was to never get an office job but still make money for food/rent
-Their heroes were Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, and David Bowie for their androgyny and sexuality in the 1970s; the band faced "prudish attitudes of the bourgeois"

“I wanted to challenge the homophobia that I was witnessing in the music scene” says Molko. “I wanted anybody who was slightly homophobic to show up at our gigs and think 'Oh, I really fancy the singer. She's hot!' only to find out later that the singer was called Brian, which would hopefully lead them to go home and ask themselves a few questions."

-Says for their current tour, A Place for Us to Dream – 20 Years of Placebo, there were a lot of songs they wanted to play that meant a lot to them and weren't necessarily the hits, otherwise it's a mechanical act with no emotional connection
-He's currently writing songs for an 8th album and says the current political climate is very inspiring

Tags: interview, music / musician
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