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How Alice in Chains turned an unfortunate situation into Jar of Flies; announce European tour dates

In 1993, Alice in Chains was touring, having 5 radio singles, and co-headlining Lollapalooza. But when they got home, they found out they had been evicted, were low on cash, and had no place to stay. They moved into Seattle's London Bridge Studios and ended up making an album.

-Layne Staley said they never planned to make an album from the music they made, but the studio heard it and loved it
-Jerry Cantrell hadn't written any songs and only had one jangly chorus, which turned into No Excuses
-Nutshell turned into the biggest fan fave and it wasn't even released commercially!
-The album title came from an experiment Cantrell did as a kid with 2 jars of flies. He overfed one jar and underfed the other. The underfed flies survived and these findings had a huge impact on Jerry.

In more recent news, the band just announced they will be touring Europe this summer. They are already touring Canada/U.S. this spring.

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