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Pink performs pre-Super Bowl concert despite flu, at least four players may also have it

- Pink, who is supposed to sing the national anthem Sunday, put on a show in Minneapolis after warning the crowd that she had the flu because her kids “cough into my mouth and I can’t stop them ’cause they’re so cute.” She managed her usual stunts and a cover of “What’s Up?”, but had to abandon an attempt at one of her new songs.

- In the past few days, the Eagles’ Mychal Kendricks, Tim Jernigan, and Ronald Darby were also said to be battling the flu, and the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. The players think they brought the flu from home on the East Coast, where the flu season has yet to peak.

- Flu hospitalization rates are the highest they’ve been this early since the CDC started tracking them in 2005, and historically there’s a post-Super Bowl spike in flu cases in the contending cities. Ahead of Super Bowl parties, health officials are reminding people to cover their mouths, wash their hands, don’t double dip, stay home if sick, and generally do the opposite of what Pink did.

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Have you had the flu this year? Are you going to a Super Bowl party? Would you rather hear a 4 Non-Blondes cover than the national anthem?
Tags: health problems, p!nk / carey hart, sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl)

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