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Karni Sena, the militant Rajput group which rioted to prevent Padmavat release, now praise the movie

ONTD members who frequent the Bollywood tag will be aware of the months-long drama unfolding in India over the movie, Padmavat/i directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, which has resulted in arson, large-scale rioting, destruction of public and private property, terrorizing and attacking school children, petrol bombing theatres, and basically bringing life to a stand-still in many Northern Indian states, some of which have banned the movie. Karni Sena, the militant Rajput organization which had been spearheading the protests because of the supposed defamation of Rani Padmini (who is an imaginary character), has now retracted their stand, praising the movie for showcasing Rajput valour. From the movie it is clear that its politics of representation is an extremely regressive one- Rajputs, an extremely oppressive dominant caste which is a mainstay in right-wing Hindu politics, are glorified in every second dialogue, while Khilji is portrayed through an Islamophobic and biphobic/homophobic perspective. Under the current right-wing Hindu regime, the artistic choice to engage in both of these things (valorizing Rajputs and demonizing Muslims) cannot be seen as an innocent one. Moreover some feminists (including actress Swara Bhasker) have argued that the ending glorifies Jauhar, a practice in which Rajput women voluntarily or more often unvoluntarily commit suicide by self-immolation when their husbands were defeated in battle. The climatic scene of the movie shows a pregnant woman and a child among those who commit jauhar (For more details about what is wrong with the movie, see this excellent post by setara_nosheen). Clearly all of this has satisfied the organization which has promised that it will help release the movie in the states in which it has been banned. It wants all Rajputs to see their glory represented on screen.

Earlier in January 2016, activists from this organization assaulted the director and vandalized the sets of the movie. The organization had also issued death threats to Deepika Padukone and Bhansali recently.

Source for the news. Text by OP.

Nothing in India is as it appears. Karni Sena used the protests to raise their profile and Bhansali has a hit in his hands. Only the public lost out thanks to the violence and destruction. Shame on Bhansali for making a terrible movie glorifying one of the most violent and regressive communities in India, while demonizing Muslims! At least Ranveer and Jim Sarbh are hot? Wish the movie was about their relationship tbh!
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