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Anonymous Oscar Voters Weigh in on Three Billboards Backlash

Three Billboards seems like the frontrunner of this awards season, but there's been some pushback in regards to Sam Rockwell's character and how breezily/sloppily race is handled in the film, equating it to being this year's Crash. One of the most critical RT'd pieces was from the New York Times which prompted a defensive response from Neil Patrick Harris

Director McDonagh has defended his writing decisions regarding that character in an interview with the BBC, “He’s definitely a racist and a bully, but I wouldn’t say he’s treated sympathetically. I was trying to see the hope in all these people, so if you’re saying that’s treating a character sympathetically, to a degree that is. But the point of the film, and the thing I hope people come away with, is the possibility of change in people.”

But what do some random unidentified AMPAS members think?

-"Oh, believe me—Academy members are watching the movie and paying attention. It’s not as if 75-year-old white Jewish women living on the west side [of Los Angeles] aren’t woke. They get it.”

-“If you do like the film, it’s an actors’ film and you vote for them,” said a veteran Academy member. “You can’t blame a great performance [on] a bad film.”

-“Here’s the thing about McDonagh’s movie: there is absolutely no repentance in it at all. Everyone is intractable and in their own world. This is not In the Heat of the Night. This is about rage. The question the Academy voter will ask is, ‘What do these movies make you feel? Which one do you want to celebrate?’ I don’t want to celebrate Three Billboards.”

-“I think the movie is a bit of a lovely mess, with extraordinary performances from Frances and Sam. And Sam deserves all the credit in the world for making that racist motherfucker sympathetic. People can be unsatisfied with how the movie deals with race, but it doesn’t make the movie racist.”

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