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DC announces Bat/Cat wedding; Bendis on Superman + more!

Busy day for DC Comic news. So here we go.

  • The company will kick off the summer with DC Nation 0, out May 2. The one-shot will preview upcoming stories for Superman, Batman and the Justice League. It will be available digtally for free, while the print copy will cost 25 cents.

  • Following DC Nation comes Justice League: No Justice. Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion and Joshua Williamson with art by Francis Manapul. The four-issue weekly series see the League team with various heroes and villains after Brainaic warns the group of a threat heading towards Earth. Post-No Justice sees Synder take over writing JL monthly starting in June. New titles will also be announced, but no word yet on whether they will be relaunches of current books (like JLA, already confirmed to be ending) or something brand new.

  • Batman and Catwoman will officially wed on July 4 in Batman 50. Batman's DC Nation section will deal with Joker becoming aware of the upcoming nuptials.

  • Brian Michael Bendis will officially begin his stint at DC with taking over the Superman titles. He'll begin with a short-story in Action Comics 1,000 in April. May 30 sees the release of the 6-issue Man of Steel miniseries, which features a brand-new villain and art by Ivan Reis, Ryan Sook, Doc Shaner, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok. After that wraps, Bendis takes charge of Action Comics and Superman in July. Superman will relaunch with a new #1 with Ivan Reis on art. Action Comics will take May and June off, returning with a more Clark Kent/Daily Planet focus. Current Superman artist Patrick Gleason will move to AC. Bendis has promised that post-Rebirth plot points won't be thrown out.

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