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Political Tweets Round Up! Don Jr Strikes Again, Hicks the Obstructor, and #ReleasetheMemo drama

+ Let's start with Devin Nunes and his fuckery. Nunes altered the memo after it was voted on and it hasn't been approved by the committee. Adam Schiff and the Democrats called him out on his bullshit but Nunes wants to make it seem like it was minor grammar issues. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Schiff are calling for Spineless Ryan to ask Nunes to step down. Nunes was also asked if he worked on the memo with the White House and he said he couldn't answer that.

+ Donny Jr so badly wants Daddy's approval that he basically admitted to the fact that McCabe was indeed fired from the FBI. McCabe stepped down earlier in the week after Wray asked him to. It was also reported that the FBI agent that is being maligned by Republicans is also the one who cowrote that infamous Clinton letter.

+ Hope Hicks is basically being looked at for possibly obstructing justice. Mark Corallo, a former spokesman for Trump, is planning on telling Mueller that Hope Hicks and Donny Jr exchanged emails in which Hicks said that Trump Jr's emails will never get out. Hicks and Trump helped Donny craft the statement. I'm not as shocked by this as I am about the fact that Hope Hicks is only 28.

+ Comey is also taking his subtweeting game to the next level. He basically called Trump, Nunes, and others "weasels and liars". Comey knew about the Trump/Russia investigation but only informed the public about Clinton.

Pod Save America/Crooked Media:

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