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ONTD ORIGINAL: Look back at Camila Cabello problematic behaviors + New informations emerge

Music newest pop star is problematic

Camila Cabello’s disturbing usage of racial and homophobic slurs is something her team is desperately trying to erase (but the internet is written in ink Roger)
Take a look at her repeated offenses, leaked messages, how her mom belittled Normani’s racial bullying, etc.

She called former President Barack Obama a "nigg*"

Camila first got caught on June 2013
Her old “stan twitter” account ratchetandsassy has a disturbing number of tweets either tweeted, favorited, or retweeted, that contain racist/homophobic language. She even went as far as calling former President Barack Obama “ma nigga.” It was also revealed that she used to be a huge Larry fan.

She also favorited tweets mocking Perrie, especially her relationship with Zayn and tweets about Harry being a fag**t.

(she retweeted this during One Direction trip to Africa)

After user alunageorge post about her problematic behaviors, Camila made an “heartfelt” apology on twitter. People believe her. In her defense, she was only 15 years old when she tweeted/retweeted/favorited most of those tweets.

The thing is, apologies only count if they’re sincere. (And repeating the same action you apologized for demonstrate a complete lack of sincerity)

Camila called former black groupmate Normani a "nig**r"

On January 2016, new shocking messages (including facebook messages where Camila calls Normani the n-word with “er”) surface after hackers leak Camila facebook/twitter/instagram messages and much more.
Some media even reported some of the leak messages (but of course, didn’t mention the racism and focused on the fact that she hooked up with the ugliest member of 5SOS) HERE & HERE
The now suspended UK hackers posted a now deleted video of them accessing Camila's best friend Marielle's twitter account and going through the DMs. (the screenshots are still available though). We also see that she wanted to punch Ally in the face every time she spoke.

They also got access to Camila’s facebook page connected to her main private facebook account

The hackers also posted her conversation with Marielle on instagram (where she again uses racial slurs)

Camila and her best friends Marielle & Sandra Guzman regularly had open conversations on twitter where they used the n-word and Camila was never phased by it.

***Note that the conversations on twitter and instagram happened AFTER her apology the first time she got caught for using homophobic & racial slurs.***

Her obsession with Harry Styles, conversation with Taylor Swift, etc.

The hackers also had access to her notes where it is revealed that she was jealous of Lauren, DEEP OBSESSION with Harry Styles and a letter to 5SOS member Michael Clifford

On top of that, the group of hackers leaked unseen photos, old unseen rehearsal footages, conversations with Taylor Swift, Charlie Walk (proving that her “spontaneous” collaboration with Shawn Mendes was planned with him behind the other Fifth Harmony members back), unheard music, a video of Harry wishing Camila a happy birthday, etc. Most videos are now deleted but there was a post about it on ONTD with hundreds of member who witnessed them (you can go through the comments)

Conversations with Michael Clifford

Conversation with Taylor Swift

Conversation with Charlie Walk (chairman of music label Republic)

Conversation with a certain "Arturito" (people are speculating that it might be her current manager Roger Gold)
Note: Quick reminder that Roger is the same man who wrote her a disturbing birthday message for her 20th birthday. He's 48.

A couple of the leaked photos, videos, demos, etc.
Some photos leaked by the hackers

Harry wishing Camila happy birthday


She used the BLM movement to cover her racist behaviors
Following the leak, her team tried to do everything in their power to delete any information. They got the hackers got suspended & most of the videos are now deleted.
People rightfully called out Camila for her very problematic behaviors. Her answer to all the negative backlash she was receiving online? She posted a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” and called out her haters by completely revamping the bridge “You tried to make me insecure/ You tried to break me, maybe ‘cause you couldn’t love yourself.” By doing that, she switched the whole narrative into her being the victim of fans “bullying” her and the media completely fell for it.

She also voiced her support for the BLM movement after the incident even though she’s part of the problem. She showed support to the Black Lives Matter movement in order to scrape the rumors that she's racist. Taking advantage of black suffering in order to cover your casual racism and elevate yourself is sick and she should be held accountable.

Camila's mom dismiss Normani's racial attacks in order to victimize her daughter

On August 6th 2016, Normani took a break from social media after being cyberbullied by Camila's fans because she called her "quircky and cute" during an interview for Galore. In her deparure letter, she explains "I can't subject myself any longer to the hate".
THE VERY NEXT DAY following Normani's announcement, Camila's mom (Sinu Cabello) decided to like a tweet criticizing her decision to leave.
She brushed off the reasons why Normani left as if it were silly matters. Not only was her skin compared to feces, Normani's face was also photoshopped onto lynching of Mary Turner, she was called by various racial slurs and got compared to monkeys in multiple occasions. Sinu instead decided to like a tweet saying that she should "focus on the good."
She also liked a bunch of hate tweets toward her daughter for the sake of victimizing her at a time when support was being given to Normani, a member who constantly been bombarded with racist hate from day one.
What kind of mom likes a bunch of hateful tweets about her daughter? The kind of mom who wants to switch the positive support the black member is receiving to her own daughter.

Also, Camila never directly called out her fans for racially harrassing Normani. Can't afford to lose their support for her solo career.

Why the leak is most likely real

1. Her team tried desperately to delete any proof of the leak. The hackers were suspended and a lot of the evidences are now gone. Why would her team work overtime to erase fake evidences?
2. She never denied or said they were fake. Camila denied plenty of rumors in the past. She 100% would've used the situation to victimize herself if they were fake. Instead, she just blocks anyone who even mention the incident or believe the hackers in order to keep her replies and timeline clean. The fact that she didn't adress the hack when it gained a certain proportion speaks volume.
3. Her friend Marielle also didn't address the veracity of the messages and simply deleted her twitter account right after the incident.
4. The hackers released tons of unseen videos and photos (some messages are filled with them), personnal demos and information the fans didn't have access before.
5. Contrary to popular belief, you can access iMessages simply by logging into someone else's iCloud on a new iPhone. iClouds are notoriously known for being easy to hack.
6. Her team/5H team has been contacted by the press and they were asked about the leak messages (more specifically the fact that she wanted to punch Ally in the face for having a crush on Harry Styles smh). They simply answered "no comment". No PR team would answer that if the leak was false.
7. She allegedly had 2 facebook accounts arround the time she joined Fifth Harmony; one account as "Karla" and another as "Camila". And changing your facebook name is not hard.


The same Facebook messages seen earlier, but from a different device

Post was made using in part informations from previous posts by alunageorge (x), d00ditsemily (x) and illyrias_pet (x)

sources 1 2 3 4

Camila has been exposed. Jay Harmonizer, where u at?
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