ONTD Original: Timothee Chalamet's hidden talent as a rapper

Timothee Chalamet is best known for his breakout performance in Call Me By Your Name. Besides working with Woody Allen, Swiss Chalet has a secret talent that harrys_headband discovered.

Did you know that Timothee raps?! Yes, you read that right, Timothee Chalamet is like every other white guy out there who thinks he's an inspiring rapper thanks to Eminem. ONTD's current anti-fave (fave?) moonlights as a rapper named Lil Timmy Tim. Or Timmy Tim. Or Tim Cudi. Or Kid Timi. He hasn't quite nailed down the name yet but the talent, oh the talent is there! Let's let Tiny Tim tell (and show) us more. When he's not working with pedophiles, he's working low key as a rapper!

In this performance from a high school talent show we see Teezus make a joke about "white people" asking him how he learned to rap, informing the audience that the question always makes him laugh. Brace yourselves, it's about to get crunk in here: Timmy Smalls compares himself to One Direction and ponders how anyone could follow them when they could be following Timmy Tim. SHOTS FIRED! The performance peaks when Tim-pac takes off his shirt, throws on an unzipped sleevless hoodie and starts singing Justin Bieber tunes. Is it getting hot in here or is it just Timmy Tim?

When tasked to write a term paper for his Statistics class Tim-Z chose to instead create an original rap which he wrote, recorded, performed and filmed. This musical masterpiece includes the word "statistics" repeated 834,092 times, some really dope dance moves and a post-rap admission that he really needs to take a poop. Tim the Crapper expresses a deep love for his Statistics teacher throughout the entire piece but sadly the love was not mutual, he was given a D+ for the assignment.

Believe it or not, there's more! Here's Toast Calone performing yet another rap number, complete with a Nicki Minaj tribute that includes pink wigs, pink sneakers... and a random backpack. Timinem bops and bounces all across the stage while showing off his ability to do the Dougie and talk teenage girls into twerking. This Renaissance Man truly can do it all!

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written mainly by harrys_headband with a few sentences by me!