Nikolaj Coster Waldau's lawsuit against former manager to not pay 10% may point to immigration fraud

-Last July, NCW filed a lawsuit against his former manager to escape having to continually pay 10 percent of his compensation for Game of Thrones and other work.

-He says the agreement was only oral with the manager, and he says the deal provided for no commissions after his manager was terminated by email in 2015.

-Now the ex-manager has come forward with a written agreement that spelled out how she would be paid by NCW.

-Her agency sponsored NCW's O-1 visa, and as part of what needed to be given to U.S. immigration authorities, she delivered to the government a signed agreement between her agency and NCW. This agreement had an arbitration provision, and so Littman has been relying upon it to have the case adjudicated in a private forum. NCW resisted the arbitration.

-The apparent fraud is that "Michael Plonsker, NCW's attorney, has been insisting that the contract that Coster-Waldau signed with the agency in 2011 was really a "sham" and that NCW was told the agreement was purely for the visa application".

-The ex-manager's attorney in response to that said: "NCW committed immigration fraud under the theory that it is a felony to submit false documents for a visa application".


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