Dan Harmon Admits He Sexually Harassed 'Community' Writer

Community creator and showrunner Dan Harmon (who now runs Rick and Morty) apologized to writer Megan Ganz, who had responded to his New Year's resolution to become "not an asshole" by accusing him of sexually harassing her during the run of the show and making her doubt her talent as a writer because of it. He claimed at the time to be regretful but not to have a clear memory of what had happened:

Harmon's memory appears to have suddenly come back, as he apologized again to Ganz on his Harmontown podcast yesterday, admitting he sexually harassed her and treated her badly when she rejected his advances:

“I was attracted to a writer that I had power over because I was a showrunner. I knew enough to know that these feelings were bad news. That was easy enough to know. I knew that they ran the risk of undercutting people’s faith in my judgement, her faith in her talent, the other writers’ respect for me, the entire production, the audience. I knew that I wasn’t doing anybody any favors by feeling these things."

He admitted that he accused others of being sexist or jealous when they called his behavior inappropriate.

He told Ganz that he loved her. She rejected him.

“I drank, I took pills, I crushed on her and resented her for not reciprocating it. And the entire time I was the one writing her paychecks and in control of whether she stayed or went, and whether she felt good about herself or not. I said horrible things, just treated her cruelly, pointedly. Things I would’ve never ever done if she had been male or if I didn’t have those feelings for her.

“I lost my job. I ruined my show. I betrayed the audience. I destroyed everything. And I damaged her internal compass. I will never do it again and I should never have done it before but I certainly never would have been able to do it had I had any respect for women.”

Ganz listened to the podcast and responded on Twitter:

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