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Mark Wahlberg threatened to block Christopher Plummer from All the Money in the World reshoots

  • The reason Wahlberg was paid $1.5 while his co-star and co-lead Michelle Williams was paid about $80 a day was because his contract included a clause that he was able to approve co-stars

  • The costs of re-shoots were included in his original contract however Wahlberg threatened to not approve Plummer if he wasn't paid extra

  • Plummer was brought on to replace Kevin Spacey after allegations that Spacey had molested and groped young boys came to light

  • Williams, Plummer and director Ridley Scott were all eventually nominated for Golden Globes for their work on the film

  • Director Ridley Scott initially told journalists during the press tour that all the actors had agreed to re-shoot their scenes. He now feels "betrayed and angry" that Wahlberg requested and was granted so much money


This greedy criminal.
Tags: mark wahlberg, michelle williams

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