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Throwback Thursday: 5 Times Our Faves Brought Back their Debut Looks

Within our sad world obsessed with youth, it's been a trend in stan world to compile side-by-side pics of your favorite performers to see how they have been aging or remained the same. As superficial as it is, it brings #thegays back to when their faves were starting to prosper at one point of their career. Here are some moments where these acts snatched us by purposely or inadvertently taking a trip down memory lane.

1. Genie in a Bottle

Legend X is truly the chameleon of pop 2nd to Madonna in both aesthetic, attitude, and accent wise. However, she has expressed many times how tired she was playing up to the soft girl-next-door look in her early days which led us to the #epic experimental, culture vulture era of Stripped where she really let loose with her image. Her usual go-to makeup is a three-tier caked up look with red lips, but she brought us back #Genie vibes on the 5th season of The Voice and tbh, she might as well pretend she was a new artist again after Lotus (but #JusticeForYourBody).

2. The Fame Ball Tour

ARTPOP was an interesting career trajectory for Gaga to say the least. She expressed how she'll always evolve and how she wanted to be #everyicon, so in the VMA Applause performance, she dedicated her first Fame Ball Tour look with a watered-down, Vegas Farewell tour-esque ensemble that does not match up to the original (which is fitting since she has signed a residency contract for Vegas later this year #LasGagas [also no shade to Cher]). We'll miss blonde-fringe, hair bow, and shoulder pad Gaga from time to time #GiveMeTheThingThatILove #PutYourHandsUp.

3. Fearless Tour

Controversial snake queen attempted to reclaim her #reputation that has developed in her already decade-long career. Here for the Look What You Made Me Do (what did she do?) video, she pulled a look right from the archive of her debut tour for Fearless where she used to be the country-bumpkin type. Sorry she can't come to the phone right now... why?.... cuz she's deadL0LomGz! xD

4. Mariah Carey

Skinny Legend has many meta moments, and this is one of them. For her campaign for Weight Watchers Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Mimi had a shoot that was a look back (or a memoir, if u will) to iconic looks including her ST era and Butterfly. She has proven she'll always bounce back - with her Emancipation, Emancipation 2.0, and #Triumphant performance on New Year's Eve 2017. To this day she's still skinny, f*ck blue lives, and she still looks You're Mine Eternally twelve.

5. Crazy in Love

Bey had y'all FOOLIN' with new material in 2013, teasing Bow Down and Grown Woman - which was used for her Pepsi endorsement... but in the end it the worth the wait for the groundbreaking ST. She paid a direct homage to her legendary career in the commercial revisiting several other looks from music videos, including Bootylicious, Single Ladies, and her debut single Crazy in Love which featured an aspiring rapper.

It's another meta post from moi. Anymore examples of this?

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3
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