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CBB Day 11: Men vs. Women

-It is officially Men vs. Women

-The men and women are turned into 1950s husbands and wives, the women first must cook breakfast for their men before it is revealed to them that the women will be going to work just like the guys and competing directly against the lads with BB providing the women with pre-cooked food for the women to give to the men. India thinks this is sexist since BB is "helping" them win.

-The men lose the first part the challenge. Women lose the 2nd challenge.

-The men talk about sexual harassment. Shane J. is of course perfection.

-Ashley is confused about her feelings for Ginuwine but does not want a showmance. Everyone discusses the chemistry between Ashley and Ginuwine. A & G get their flirt on through the window as G goes to bed.

-Andrew and India talk about designer vaginas. India had over 10,000 vaginas to choose to mirror her own to. India was very happy with her vagina, Andrew likes a little bit of lip.

-India thinks that the girls have their own click that she isnt part of, though she knows she is partially to blame.

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Tags: big brother (reality show), british celebrities, lgbtq / rights, reality show, reality show celebrity

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