ONTD Original: Taylor Swift's transforming style over the past decade

Over the past decade, country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift has gradually shifted her style multiple times.  There are some trends that appear over and over (the Martha Stewart-look she likes), but mostly she changes it up when she releases a new album.

Warning: Image Heavy
Taylor Part I: The BeginningCollapse )

Part II: 2011-2013Collapse )

Part III: 2014-2016Collapse )

Part IV: Mid 2016-2017Collapse )

Part V: PresentCollapse )

ONTD, which style suits Taylor best?

Taylor's style suited her best...

at the beginning of her career.
during the Red era.
during the 1989 era.
when she bleached her hair.
during the Reputation era (now).

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wondering which goodwill she dumps her clothes off at...