Camila Cabello talks hanging with Taylor Swift & her famous pals!

In a sneak peak of the interview airing tomorrow on WKTU's Cubby and Carolina In The Morning, Camila Cabello talks hanging out backstage at a radio concert with Taylor Swift and her famous pals, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

She says, "Omg I was so awkward around Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. I was really stupid. I-I was just became I was just like *makes funny noise* I was like, I was so I just got really nervous cause I wasn’t expecting for them to be there. And I love Ryan, I love, you know I've seen 'Dead Pool' and you know I just love his movies, I watched his movie the day before. What was the one that was like uh 'Definitely Maybe', with the little girl. Yea, and obviously Blake Lively is a queen. And I love them together uhm, but they were super cool. Yea well, Ed (Sheeran) and Taylor (Swift) I’ve known for awhile, so I'm like, you know, they’re my friends, but uhm yea I just wasn't expecting for them to be there and I just got kind of weird, I was like 'why are you so weird, stop being weird'"