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CAA Signs “Carmen Sandiego” Stars Gina Rodriguez & Finn Wolfhard Following Their APA Exits

CAA has signed Golden Globe-winning actress Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and SAG Award winner Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things), who together lead the voice cast of the animated Carmen Sandiego series that will debut on Netflix in 2019.

Rodriguez and Wolfhard had both been represented by APA when Wolfhard's agent, Tyler Grasham, was accused by multiple men of sexual harassment and assault, including inappropriate behavior with a minor. Wolfhard left APA on Oct. 20 in the wake of those disturbing allegations, and Grasham was subsequently fired by the agency later that day.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez's longtime manager at Primary Wave, David Guillod, was accused of drugging and raping actress Jessica Barth (a former client), prompting the Jane the Virgin star to reevaluate her representation and ultimately part ways with both Primary Wave and APA (where she’d been represented by well-respected agent Carlos Carreras since 2012) in early November.

Rodriguez is preparing for a major year, as not only does she co-star alongside Natalie Portman in Alex Gardland's sci-fi movie Annihilation, but she's also the lead in Sony's remake of the acclaimed Mexican thriller Miss Bala. Rodriguez is also busy developing several TV shows as a producer, and she recently segued behind the camera to direct an episode of Jane the Virgin.

Wolfhard just enjoyed a hell of a year between the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix and the stunning global success of New Line's It. In addition, Wolfhard's band Calpurnia had also signed a label deal with Royal Mountain Records back in November to record an upcoming EP produced by Twin Peaks' Cadien Lake James. The up-and-coming young actor just booked Amblin's haunted house movie The Turning, which will pair him with Mackenzie Davis and Brooklynn Prince.

In Carmen Sandiego, Rodriguez will voice the title character, and Wolfhard will voice Player, her friend and accomplice. The actress is no stranger to animated projects, having lent her voice to the recent holidays releases The Star and Ferdinand.

Both Rodriguez and Wolfhard continue to be represented by attorney Karl Austen, while Wolfhard remains managed by Velocity Entertainment Partners. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of both signings.

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Apparently, CAA on a roll. What do you think, ONTD? Good choices for both actors? Coup for CAA?
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