Youtube's Open Letter Regarding Logan Paul's Disgusting Vlog

A little over a week ago, one of the obnoxious biggest Youtubers posted a video of him and his friends exploring a forest in Japan known as "Suicide Forest." He stumbled upon a dead body and proceeded to film, laugh, edit, and post the video.

Since then, he has received major criticism (as he should) for his video by a number of Youtubers and celebrities. He issued one piss poor twitter note "apology" with excuses and not one mention of the victim. A day later, he posted another "apology" because the first one didn't quite cut it for a majority of the public. During all of this, Youtube has been silent-- until now. It's also important to note that the video was trending on Youtube for over 24 hours until it was finally removed.

Do you think taking over a week to address an obviously disturbing video that violates human company guidelines is too late, ONTD? Do you think they will actual do anything or are they just trying to save face?

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