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Todrick Hall can't stop gushing about Taylor Swift

Todrick Hall recently opened up about his friend Taylor Swift:

  • He says, “I spent New Year’s with her. I was there for New Year’s Eve, I was opening the Rose Bowl Parade and so I was there, I stayed until midnight and then I went to a 2 a.m. call time.”

  • “I’ve already told her that she’s probably going to have to put a like, ‘Do not let this crazy man enter the arena’-type sign outside of the theater because I’m going to go to probably 20 of the concerts."

  • Taylor helps inspire him through tough times.

  • "She’s a smart businesswoman, but she’s also a great human. The way she treats all of her staff members, her employees, her friends … On days when I don’t feel like doing the stage door I’m like, ‘What would Taylor do?'”

  • He tells AOL, "She just always outdoes herself. One day she said to me, ‘I follow every zig with a zag. I don’t try to necessarily outdo myself -- I just try to do something slightly different.’ When she says things like that to me, I try to apply those things to my own life. […] I think for a lot of artists that’s hard for them to do, but Taylor hits the nail on the head every time."

A month ago, he said Taylor looked like Quasimodo with one of her exes and he also mentioned her recent backlash.

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