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Why Isn't SONY doing more to promote PROUD MARY?

  • It's not screening for critics (Oh boy), and critics attending the press junket weren't allowed to see it either (??)

  • The article reiterates how Hollywood never learns it's lesson - that black-led films do make money, including Henson's own Hidden Figures in 2016.

  • Henson herself is also annoyed with the lack of marketing; Meanwhile, you go overseas and what do you see? People trying to look like African-Americans with Afros and dressing in hip-hop fashions. To say that black culture doesn’t sell well overseas, that’s a lie. Somebody just doesn’t want to do their job and promote the film overseas.

  • The author talks about how he accidentally stumbled across a non-advertised Facebook Live with Taraji that seemed half-assed.


PROUD MARY opens January 12th (This friday). 
Tags: film - action / adventure, taraji p henson

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