After Being Exposed by Tessa Thompson, "Lena Dunham" Donates to Time's Up + Responds

Lena Dunham, who called Aurora Perrineau (who accused Girls' writer Murray Miller of rape) a liar, has inserted herself in the Time's Up movement against sexual harassment. She was spotted in the above pic (posted on insta by Laura Dern) among other Time's Up activists.

After being exposed on instagram by Tessa Thompson for not actually doing any of the work or showing up for the meetings and just randomly appearing for the photoshoot (and by ONTD for not even having donated), Lena Dunham responded:

"When you've had this job for as long as I have, which is seven or eight years now, and you've caused some mayhem at times, the internet doesn't necessarily have the same power it used to. I just feel so lucky that I've gotten to be a part of so many amazing moments and movements in my career. I feel really at peace with the fact that there are moments where you're the hero, moments where you're the villain and moments where you're magic and moments where you're less magic. It's a journey that has strengthened me in ways that are really, really powerful."

A donation in her name of $15k has just appeared on the Time's Up GoFundMe. When you click on her name, though, it appears the donation has actually been made from Amy Schumer's profile. A donation in the name of Jenni Konner (Girls writer, also defended Miller), was made right after and also redirects to Schumer's profile. This is NOT happening when you click on any of the other donations. So what is the truth?

And by the way, still no apology to Aurora.

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