Roseanne Barr defends Trump at the Roseanne reboot's TCA panel

Roseanne Barr, who ran for president on the Peace and Freedom party's ticket in 2012 after losing the Green Party presidential nomination to Jill Stein, is a Trump supporter and so is her character on the Roseanne reboot because as she explains, "it's just realistic" as half the country voted for him.

When asked about how she reconciled the anti-racism message of one of this season's episodes with Trump's racism she denied Trump's racism, said the real racist was Hillary Clinton "because of Haiti", and cited the black unemployment rate under Trump as proof of his anti-racism.

She spoke out against what she called "hate-riotism" as she claimed “people hating other people for the way they voted… is un-American.”

She says she'd be a better president than Oprah or Susan Sarandan and possibly even better than Trump.

She's been taking a break from Twitter because her kids locked her out of her account to prevent her Twitter personality from overshadowing the show.