ONTD Investigates: These Men Wore "Time's Up" Pins on the Red Carpet but Did They Donate $?

A follow-up to this post: ONTD Investigates: These "Time's Up" Donors Are Not Champions of Victims of Sexual Misconduct

What's worse than donating to a campaign against sexual harassment so you can look like a champion for victims while still making money off, supporting, defending, and lending your star power to abusers?

Being an abuser or working with abusers, then inserting yourself in said campaign, getting all the good PR points and being praised by the media, while not even donating a single cent. That's right. These celebrities who were on the Golden Globes red carpet wore all black and/or sported a Time's Up pin to support the campaign against sexual harassment. But did they donate anything or did they just get free PR?

OP checked the biggest 3,000 donations, going wellllll into the number of people who donated $75. These celebs were not there. It's possible they donated anonymously (why would they want to be photographed supporting the campaign then?) or $75 or less. If I really missed them let me know.

POSITIVE BONUS: Male celebs who were seen with the Time's Up pin and donated: Hugh Grant ($10k, under his daughter's name), Matt Smith ($500), William Macy ($200). Justin Timberlake and Jude Law were covered in the previous post.

ARMIE HAMMER & TIMOTHEE CHALAMET - Armie Hammer the champion for women wore a Time's Up pin and Swiss Chalet opted for a full black look. Hammer defended Nate Parker publicly, said Polanski (who drugged and raped a child) is a grey area and Swiss Chalet has an upcoming movie with Woody Allen.

EWAN MCGREGOR - This feminist has worked with both Woody Allen and Polanski. His interviews sucking up to Polanski are a trip to watch.

CHRISTIAN SLATER - The tweet says it all. Violent & abusive (convicted for assaulting his gf) Christian Slater thought he was slick wearing that pin on the red carpet. Slater once called a reporter who asked about his assault conviction a "salacious cunt".

DAVID HARBOUR - Yass! Thanks for ending the patriarchy, Woody Allen supporter!

RYAN SEACREST, THE FRANCO BROTHERS - Oop. Ryan is currently being accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace. James Franco has tried to pick up a 17 year old girl and has been called out for various creepy incidents on twitter since wearing the Time's Up pin. He called a female character on his book "Cunty".

GARY OLDMAN - Irony is truly dead. Gary Oldman the racist, homophobic, antissemite, violent asshole, allegedly abusive monster, preened and posed with a Time's Up pin and called out Harvey Weinstein. ETA (14 Jan): Gary Oldman just donated $5k to Time's Up.

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ONTD, have you ever let other people do all the work and then took credit for it? have you ever pretended to support a charity?