Stan (viaggioinitalia) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Millie Bobby Brown didn't walk the red carpet with her Stranger Things castmates and people noticed

- She walked with them at last year's awards shows, but since starting promo for Season 2, she's been separated.
- Arrived an hour later, and by that time the other kids had already walked the red carpet, separately and together, and done interviews together.
- People noted that she wasn't nominated individually this year, so the decision to be separate is strange.

Made a post because it was a ~topic of conversation in the red carpet post. Just to be clear (not that it needs to be said, but), the decision to have her separating from her castmates during these types of events is her team's decision.
Tags: actor / actress, award show - golden globes, red carpet and event, stranger things (netflix)
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