ONTD Investigates: These "Time's Up" Donors Are Not Champions of Victims of Sexual Misconduct

The Time's Up initiative against sexual harassment has been a much-publicised project that includes a legal fund to support victims. A huge list of celebrities have donated to the fund.

It sounds like a great cause, but it's important, when dealing with Hollywood, to acknowledge that, in a time when many A-lister actors, directors and producers, not to mention talent agencies, are mired in scandal, it is also a huge PR boost. Yes, it helps victims, and many of the donors seem to genuinely care about the cause, are victims themselves, or are regular people. But it also helps the companies and some of the people complicit in perpetuating sexual harassment in Hollywood in the first place to look like heroes with a conscience - and all for a modest amount (to them).

The Time's Up manifesto says that harassment often persists because perpetrators and employers never face consequences. But are these donors really committed to making abusers face consequences? Let's take a closer look.

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TL;DR - "Coincidentally", all 4 of the talent agencies who started Time's Up are mired in sexual misconduct scandals. CAA, the biggest donor and the company that kickstarted it all, seems to be the most egregious offender. Furthermore, at least 3 of the 4 agencies represent men who are well known for violent and abusive behaviour. It's worth remembering that when an agency represents a celebrity, they make a cut out of that celebrity's earnings. They have a stake in cleaning up their reputations and keeping them employed.

Moving on to the celebrities who have donated to the fund.
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TL;DR - Many of the highest, eye-catching donations by individual celebs were "coincidentally" made by people who have the PR problem of recently working with and/or publicly defending accused or convicted harassers/abusers/rapists.

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So ONTD, are these companies and celebs on a shameless PR clean-up operation? or do you think they genuinely care about the issue and the victims?