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All that I'm after is a life full of laughter

UPDATE Who won the US Figure Skating Champs and is (NOW OFFICIALLY) going to the Olympics??

Just concluded on NBC.

Bradie Tennell, who just stormed onto the scene a few months ago, took the W ... but more importantly, Mirai Nagasu gets redemption from 4 years ago and will also make the Olympics!!!

The third Olympic spot will most likely go to Karen Chen, which means Ashley Wagner is out. The final team is made by a committee but it's pretty much set that it will be Bradie, Mirai and Karen. (The top 3 finishes at Nationals don't necessarily mean it will be the same 3 that go to the Olympics, but this year it seems it will be that way - as it should tbh). The official announcement will be made tomorrow morning so stay tuned to see the final team roster.


The Olympic team was annoucned early this AM:

Src: ty silentxstrom


Who were you rooting for? Are you ready for FFAO Posts again?!!?! One month to go!!
Tags: olympics, sports / athletes
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