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More Episode Stills for Riverdale 2x11 "The Wrestler" & More

WINNING OVER HIRAM LODGE — Amidst preparations for the town’s annual Picken’s Day festivities, Jughead interviews Toni’s grandfather and learns some shocking details about Riverdale’s history (it's probably going to be messy af and ill thought out like everything else on the show).

In an attempt to get closer to Hiram (either because he's still spying for the Feds or to make up after getting caught being a snitch), Archie tries out for the Riverdale wrestling team after learning of Hiram’s love of the sport. And promptly gets flipped on his ass and put in a choke hold by Hiram himself.

Meanwhile, Betty unearths some dark secrets about her brother Chic. (They probably just find out that he was a gigolo, but she also wants to know if he's "dark" like her)

Veronica and Josie clash as they prepare for their Picken’s Day performance, and hopefully the Pussycats will get to perform on their own, but they probably won't get to.

Directed by Greg Araki and written by Greg Murray and Devon Turner. According to their respective IMDB pages, these are their first ever writing credits ever.


The costume designer shared the outfits from the deleted sequence where each of the cast was dressed in retro clothing at Pop's that would've ranged from the 40s to the 80s.


This episode is the first one to not be named after a movie

I'm here for Hiram hating Archie
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