Taylor Swift Is No Longer Relatable, And Her Ticket Sales Prove It

Taylor Swift's Reputation tour, fan's aren't ...Ready For It. Ticket sales are under-performing and her latest album Reputation took a 79% dip with second week sales. Swift hiked up prices for her tour and that was the end game for fans, who are simply not here for the alt right icon's greediness. Forbes added that people aren't exactly jumping at the chance to see Swift due to her lackluster showcase at the recent Jingle Ball Tour reviewing her set saying "Swift and her backup dancers work through the lazily choreographed number with robotic stiffness, washed out by harsh red lighting and thick smoke. Her voice is drowned out by a backing track, but it barely matters because the song’s monotone melody offers no room for vocal acrobatics anyway. It’s a claustrophobic, half-baked performance".

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