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Jesse Williams tours a slum in Rio de Janeiro

Jesse Williams is still in Brazil, and yesterday he partook of a favourite activity of gringos and toured a slum in Rio de Janeiro.

The actor chose Tavares Bastos, which is one of the safest due to heavy police presence, and besides his posse (incl. models Grace Mahary and Melodie Monrose, and Dynasty actor Sam Adegoke) appeared to be accompanied by two bodyguards.

Jesse took pictures of garbage on the street, of broken down cars, of people who live in the slum, filmed random dogs, went inside a small bakery and filmed people buying bread. His model friends posed in front of dilapidated buildings. He also saw some boys playing a football match and, in the presence of paparazzi, took off his shirt and joined them in the game, later taking a picture with the underprivileged boys.

Also that day, Jesse took a million photos with fans, had a snack at the famous Confeitaria Colombo (a café), went to a rehearsal of the legendary Beija Flor de Nilópolis samba school, and had dinner at the swanky Gero restaurant at Ipanema.

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ONTD, is touring slums cool or is it poverty tourism?
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