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After New Years Performance, Many Americans Are Asking Who TF Are BTS. This Is An Introduction

After BTS performed at New Years Rockin’ Eve, many confused but intrigued Americans took to social media to ask who the boys were, what language they were speaking, and confessed to being captivated by their strong performance. On the flip side, xenophobic and racist, MAGA trash showed their stank asses as usual. What else is new?

Are you as confused too? Don't worry I gotchu fam! BTS is a self-made, artist-driven 7-member South Korean pop/hiphop group. Unlike most other kpop acts, BTS actually write and produce their own music and contribute to choreographies/concepts. It seems like these days, BTS, who have a dedicated legion of fans called “Army”, are everywhere. If you’re on the Internet, it’s hard to avoid arguably the strongest fandom for a current musical act.

How have they amassed such dedicated Army? From endless content, fan interaction, talent, genuine and fun personalities, their CONNECTED UNIVERSE (MCU who?) that drive endless fan theories and interest, to their powerful social messages in their music that anybody can resonate with, BTS have truly made Army (Averaging 30) part of their story.

They also just so happen to have an extremely strong American fan base and the music industry has taken notice. There isn’t a day that goes by where Billboard, Grammys, MTV, and other famous U.S. media don’t report on their every move. 2017 was a landmark year for them that saw them break into the U.S. market and achieve a top 30 hit (Stream Mic Drop on Spotify lol). 2018 looks to be even crazier and they show no signs of stopping.

It's time to introduce you to the men you'll be hearing a lot about. Check out member profiles below.

RM (Kim Namjoon):
DOB: 09/12/1994
Position: Leader/Rapper/Writer/Producer
Random Facts: Former underground rapper, Chooses unfortunate stage names (Rap mMonster/ Runch Randa, dimples, fluent English skills, is the destruction monster (he breaks things easily!), philosophical and existential, sexy brain, high IQ of 156, flawless leadership skills, real Renaissance man, deep AF, Kaws toy collector..

V (Kim Taehyung):
DOB: 12/30/1995
Position: Vocal/Visual
Random Facts: Recently crowned "Most Handsome Man In the World 2017", “Box smile” (mouth makes a cute square), nicknamed CGV (looks like someone created him from Computer Graphics) unique personality, extraness, deep voice, husky goofy giggles, meme-worthy facial expressions, grandpa fashion, into art and photography, hilarious randomness, Gucci obsessed, before singing wanted to be a saxophone star".

Suga pronounced Shooga (Min Yoongi):
DOB: 03/09/1993
Position: Rapper/Writer/Producer
Random Facts: former underground rapper, “Gummy smile”, he got his name playing basketball position (SHooting GUARD), wise, old soul, savageness, loves sleep, grandpa, emotionally captivating, lethargic, tongue technology (he's a fast rapper), $wag, relatable, badass to adorable ability will give you whiplash, “I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck™” attitude, deep AF.

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook):
DOB: 09/01/1997
Position: Dancer/Vocal/Visual/Youngest
Random Facts: Debuted at 15 years old, savage to older members, “Noona killer”- all the older ladies love this youngin, gym rat muscle boy, has cute bunny teeth, holds most positions in group, has a funny JungSHOOK facial expression, good at everything he does, nicknamed Golden Maknae/Child, known to be lucky, enjoys lamb skewers, has meaty thighs.

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok):
DOB: 02/18/1994
Position: Dancer/Choreographer/Rapper
Random Facts: Insane dance skills, former bboy, turns from J-Hope to J-Nope real damn quick, sunshine/energy of the group, intense laugh, sassy, girl group dance aficionado, bright personality, scared of a lot of things mainly snakes and heights, loves sprite, really clean, loud on-camera/serious off-camera.

Jimin (Park Jimin):
DOB: 10/13/1995
Position: Dancer/ Vocal
Random Facts: Squishy/cute persona, bagel boy (cute face, fit body), modern dance enthusiast, “Mochi” cheeks (chubby cheeks), bright and lovable personality, warm-heartedness, shortness (shortest member), professional neck-extender (Boi be bending that neck back!), touchy-feely, is treated like the youngest.

Jin (Kim Seokjin):
DOB: 12/14/1992
Position: Vocal/Visual
Random Facts: “Mom” of the group, loves to cook and eat, huge broad shoulders, purveyor of endless cheesy dad jokes, loves pink, silly, mentally the youngest in the group, nicknamed “Princess Jin”, reminds everyone he’s handsome, loves compliments, great comedy skills.

Their hilarious personalities drive this fandom so get to know them better. Where can you learn more about these humble kings? 1. Their channel “BangtanTV” on youtube has endless vids HERE. Eng subbed videos of “Bangtan bombs” HERE. They produce their own reality show/content on Vlive. All vids are subbed. Check out the Vlive content for Run!BTS challenge episodes and live streams HERE . Highly recommend Run!BTS episode 33.
Helpful video:

What’s good ONTD? Do you have a bias (favorite member?), fav videos, fav theories, fav songs... look idgaf let’s just talk about the kings. New and prospective Army get in here lol.

Main Source: My obsessed ass. Source 2

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