Carrie Underwood Spotted After Facial Injury Announcement + Is There Cheating involved?

Only 2 days after announcing she had to get 40 stitches to her face after falling on the steps outside her home, Carrie Underwood has surfaced in Yoga class!

Former cast member of Bravo's Below Deck, Adrienne Gang, tweeted that she was working out next to the country star who posed for a photo with her!

However, is there more to Carrie's story? A blind item posted all the way back in November on Crazy Days and Nights, seems to hint at the exact scenario Carrie tweeted about. This blind though would seem to say Carrie's husband, retired hockey player Mike Fisher, is cheating on her. She caught him, got pretty drunk and fell down the stairs when she confronted him:

This A list singer got wasted out of her mind and was angry. Not a great combination which is why she ended up injured. Why was she angry? She found out her husband was cheating on her. Apparently his story just fell apart when she started looking into it.

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Uh, you don't look any different girl.
Mess though if that blind is true.