Paul Sorvino wants to kill Harvey Weinstein

  • Sorvino thinks that Weinstein will end up in jail

  • "He ought to hope he goes to jail...cause if not, he has to meet me and I will kill the motherfu**er"

  • He says he didn't know anything about Weinstein being a predator until the allegations came out

  • Calls daughter Mira Sorvino "A wonderful human being"

  • Last year Paul Sorvino's daughter, Mira Sorvino, came forward as one of Harvey Weinstein's victims revealing that Weinstein had tried to pressure her into a sexual relationship, getting her alone in hotel rooms and trying to visit her in her apartment late at night. After she repeatedly turned him down she believed that he impeded her career something that was later confirmed by Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff