Meryl Streep blames lack of social media for silence, says to focus on Melania and Ivanka Trump

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks sat down with the New York Times to promote their new movie “The Post.”

During the interview, Meryl Streep was asked how she felt about people expecting a response from her about the Harvey Weinstein accusations.

Meryl Streep said, “I don’t have a Twitter thing or – handle, whatever. And I don’t have Facebook. I really had to think. Because it really underlined my own sense of cluelessness, and also how evil, deeply evil, and duplicitous, a person he was, yet such a champion of really great work.”

She also thinks that people should be asking Ivanka and Melania Trump why they have remained silent, saying “I don’t want to hear about the silence of me. I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump. I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say.”

Source: Twitter