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Taylor Swift's Reputation tour set to be one of the biggest tours of all time

Taylor's people want you to know that the reports about her lack of sellouts are misleading as these tickets designed not to sell out quickly and her tour sales are going extraordinarily well.

She sold $180 million worth of tickets in the first week and is set to sell between $390 million and $510 million tickets overall.

Instead of selling out in seconds like the 1989 tour did, Taylor is embracing a "slow-ticketing" model intended to capture the profits previously lost to scalpers and shift them back to Taylor by pricing tickets higher and having available tickets on the primary market all the way up until she starts her show.

WME exec Marc Geiger explained that they are stopping the socialist pricing scheme which previously allowed people who bought their tickets on Ticketmaster for cheaper than a reseller to have a first class experience with an economy ticket.

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