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Terry Richardson being investigated by the NYPD

  • Fashion photographer/director Richardson has had a reputation for pornographic, male-gazey shoots for years

  • He has exposed himself during photoshoots and has had sexual encounters with models which he has photographed and published

  • For decades there have been rumours that he has sexually assaulted and/or raped models as well

  • Last month model Caron Bernstein accused him of rape. Her claims are now being investigated by the NYPD:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
She claims that in 2003 they met for what she assumed was a test shoot. During the session Richardson exposed himself to her before forcing his penis into her mouth. He later ejaculated on her chest

  • Richardson does not dispute what Bernstein said happened as there are photographs of her, but claims it was consensual

  • Another model, Lindsay Jones, also came forward last month with claims that in 2007 she met Richardson for a meeting during which

[TW: rape]
He violently forced her to perform oral sex

  • Her claims are being investigated as well

  • Richardson has worked with many celebrities photographing everyone from Paris Hilton to Barack Obama. He has also directed many prolific music videos including Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" music video, Beyoncé's "XO" and Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" music video featuring R. Kelly that was ultimately never released

  • Despite numerous organized campaigns from the public to block Richardson from fashion photography work he continued to be hired by Vogue, Variety and GQ until the Weinstein scandal broke in late 2017


I honestly thought we'd never see the day. Hope these women finally get justice.
Tags: terry richardson, violence / domestic abuse
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