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Peter Martins retires from New York City Ballet!

A follow up to my ONTD ORIGINAL here

Peter Martins announced to the board of NYCB that he is retiring as the investigation continues on the accusations of sexual harassment and violent behavior against dancers.

In the tweeted piece, NYT shares that the board intends to continue with the investigation despite Martins declaring that he is certain it will clear his name. The NYT includes that dancers like Wendy Whelan saying that for years Ballet continued a patriarchal system but that "In recent light of things, many artists and dancers are seeing that society is no longer accepting these kind of behaviors as normal, so why do we?"

Others like Sterling Hyltin and Megan Fairchild commented to defend Martins.

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton, a former student of SAB wrote to the board saying "Dancers tend not to talk. “I’m concerned that this reticence is being misread as a sign to you and your fellow board members that they are not upset."

The New York Times followed up the announcement with 2 other pieces today. One detailing complaints from donors, former board members, dancers and former students that claim the boards of NYCB and the School of American Ballet were complicit in allowing and hiding the behavior of Peter Martins.

In this piece, many dancers are named as being critical of their experience with Martins including Mary Helen Bowers, the trainer to Natalie Portman for her role on Black Swan who is believed to have received a payment as part of a departure agreement that was confidential.

Sara Mearns posted a black box on IG after the announcement.

Robbie Fairchild posted a picture of a hug with Martins but expressed common sense by commenting that he was sad other people "didn't have the same loving experience I did."

The third piece is by NYT Critic Alastair Macaulay discussing the options for future leadership at City Ballet.


More on this as it develops. But, lol don't let the door hit you on the way out bye
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