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Youtube Has A Responsibility Problem

Follow up with this post

Julia Alexander from Polygon writes that in the wake of noted Logan Paul's now-infamous vlog - in which, during a trip to Aokigahara forest in Japan, he features and mocks the body of a victim of suicide  - that this adds to the steadly growing problem YouTube has with it's content and creators, and has had since 2013 (OP thinks it's been a problem way before that, but alas).

-Alexander correctly reports that YouTube has had problems with creators for some time now but often does nothing about it, citing that due to YT's current algorithms quanity and aggregation over quality always wins and generates the most revenue for the site.

-Many YouTubers and even celebrities are calling out Paul and demanding his channel be shut down. Alexander notes though that this probably won't happen, and cites the many flubs of YT's highest subscribed creator Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) - most recently in September of last year when he was caught using the N-Word during a livestream - as an example of YT failure to response to the problems in the site. Felix was dropped by his Maker Studios and many of his sponsers, but as of now is still highest ranked creator with 60 million subs (UGHHHHHH) and has a new deal with Origin PC and Razer. Ironically, Felix is one of the many creators calling out Paul's behavior.

-Youtube sensationilizes drama and leaves content up much longer than need been in order to aggregates views. Paul's video was left up long enough to generate 500k views and thousands of likes and was even featured on the trending tab before being taken down.

-Alexander also cites Paul's younger brother Jake as another YTber with many infractions against him (most notably with his exes and his Team 10 crew) but has face little punishment from the site.

-Basically calls that content on the site be better curated. In December, Youtube announced it would hire 10,000 new moderators to help curb and regulate content, comments, and monitization policies  on the site. (lol okay)

-Paul has posted several forms of apologies and claims “I didn’t do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity.” He also claims he did not monitize the video, and he initially intented to bring awareness to the plight of depression and suicide. Naturally everyone has been calling bullshit.

-Youtube's official statement regarding all this is, of course, a super non-answer, but they claim they are partnering with sucide prevention hotlines and groups to help.


OP Note: I know everyone is probably tired of this dude and his ilk, but I saw this today on my news feed and had to agree with everything said. Unfortunately, for all the good it has brought, Youtube is oversaturated with awful people who would kill someone if it means they could get views. Theenitre site needs a major overhaul but will never get it as long as the execs keep turning a blind eye to this stuff. If anything I would hope this would at least be the final nail in the Paul brothers coffin but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it.

Also, I know a lot of people in the last post were getting rightfully upset and being triggered by the content from yesterday's post, so I just want you to know that so many people care and appreciate you, and you are not alone. Here's a list of suicide hotlines if needed: International; US

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