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Best of ONTD 2017: Results!!

Thanks everyone for participating!! There were some close votes, so I included honorable mentions for categories that had a difference of 15 or fewer votes between first and second place. Happy New Year :)

Post Of The Year
Celebs Mock Trump's Latest Bizarre Tweet. "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

Female Celeb Of The Year
All the women who took down Weinstein

Male Celeb Of The Year
Terry Crews

Scandal Of The Year

Best Scandal Name
Look What ACLU Made Me Do

Worst Of 2017
Inauguration of Trump

Meme/Gif Of The Year

Comment Of The Year
"good fuck them both for thinking they could be happy tbh"

Thread Of The Year
"you can try google" - lipkinlip

ONTD Member Of The Year

Most Devastating Break-up
USA + democracy

Celeb Who Should Be Banned In 2018
Trump (This does not mean he will be banned, sry)

Breakout Celeb of the Year
Gal Gadot

Best Celeb Social Media
Chrissy Teigen

Most Vile Celeb
Donald Trump

Messiest/Problematic Celeb
Lena Dunham

Best Movie
Get Out

Best TV Show
Brooklyn 99

[Honorable Mention: Big Little Lies]

Song Of The Year
Praying - Kesha by ONE vote

[Honorable Mention: New Rules - Dua Lipa]

Album Of The Year
DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar

(Full Album)

[Honorable Mention: Melodrama - Lorde]
(Full Album)

Athlete/Team Of The Year
Colin Kaepernick

[Honorable Mention: Serena Williams]

Video/Cellphone Game Of The Year
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Celeb We Were Rooting For Who Disappointed Us
J.K. Rowling

Ultimate Celeb Downfall
Kevin Spacey

Best ONTD Original
A look at all the trash men in Hollywood parts 1-8

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All images from Google
Praying video
New Rules video
DAMN. video
Melodrama video
Tags: brooklyn nine-nine (nbc), chrissy teigen / john legend, donald trump, film - horror, film - suspense / thriller, gal gadot, harvey weinstein, j.k. rowling, kendrick lamar, kesha, kevin spacey, lena dunham, lorde, ontd, serena / venus williams, sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl), year in review
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