Selena Gomez is calling Justin Bieber her "husband" lmfao

Selena's family are side-eyeing this Jelena reunion but she dont gaf. A source tells HollywoodLife:

“[Selena is] not backing down when it comes to Justin. She adores him and swears this is the right thing for her. He’s changed and she knows that in time everyone will see that for themselves.”

Who doesn't want to settle down with a white 23 year old Canadian loser with no respect?

“She’s started calling him ‘my husband,’” the source tells, “so it’s pretty clear she’s taking this relationship very seriously.”

Selena's mom Mandy also checked in with fans via Instagram Live after her visit to the hospital: “It’s been a rough 2017,” she said, “And you know what? 2018 can only be better. That’s what I’m hoping for. It can only get better from here."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Mandy sis.