2018's first trainwreck is... Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen's CNN NYE show!!!

This year Anderson and Andy are hosting CNN's NYE show after the network publicly fired Kathy Griffin, Anderson's cohost for many years. And the show has been....let's just say, A FUCKING TRAINWRECK.

First... Andy Cohen asked Nicole kidman about her awkward clapping during the Oscars and she totally SHUT. HIM. DOWN. (finish ha!)

Later, Journalist Richard Quest REALLLLYYYY does not like to be touched by Andy Cohen.

Then Andy recalls that one time he said on his show Anderson's kink was Latinos and he freaks out. Anderson even punches him!!!

Sad revelation of the day: Anderson reveals he has no friends to have a party and Andy prays on him. He wants that white haired booty.

THE 👏 CHEMISTRY 👏 IS 👏 JUST 👏 NOT 👏 THERE 👏 . Lmao. that's just rude.

If you go through the tweets, every single person watching picked up the mess the show has become. Also, Don Lemon is drunk as hell as always. #BringBackKathyGriffin

UPDATE: Dave Chappell caught smoking a joint on national TV.

In a sweet turn of events Don Lemon introduced his man.

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Kathy Griffin rn....