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Celebrities react to Disney/Fox merger

For background, refer to the prior post on the merger in general, and a post covering what it means for TV streaming. Now let's get to celebs cracking jokes and making wishes for this fiendish union!

Ryan Reynolds wins:

James L. Brooks, who co-developed The Simpsons, a Fox TV show, tweets out Matt Groening's (creator of The Simpsons) cartoon:

James Gunn, director and writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series:

The second tweet is a reference to Doop, one of the most wacktastic characters from X-Men. Doop is a mutated bean thingie that only speaks in Doopspeak, a floating extra-dimensional pocket, and is also bisexual. Shaking & crying at thought of Doop joining the MCU!

Judd Apatow responds to James Gunn:

I do have to note that the Murdochs have never been known to interfere editorially with Fox's entertainment side. This merger noticeably leaves out Fox News, and in fact loads the Murdochs up with more cash with which to expand their propaganda empire, which is exactly what Rupert Murdoch said he plans to do.

Comedian George Wallace has a similarly misguided take on it:

But back to the wacky crossovers celebs want to see! Here's Josh Gad:

Michael Chlikis, who played The Thing in what would turn out to be not-the-actual-worst Fantastic Four adaptation:

Fuck off, Tyler Shields:

Let's end on a more positive note with Queen Gillian Anderson:

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