Scandalous Model Christine Keeler Died At Age 75

Notorious for her simultaneous love affairs with John Profumo of the British government and Eugene Ivanov of the Soviet Embassy. She was part of a one of the biggest scandals in England during the 60s. She passed away December 4th of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“It’s true that I have had sex for money,” she wrote in her book, “but only out of desperation, and that is still something that I hate to have to admit even to myself. Ironically, it has been sex for love or lust rather than for money that has always caused me more problems.”

The Affair
*) She was sexually abused by her mother's lover and his friends
*) At age 16 (other sources say 17),she worked as a topless dancer in London
*) Met Stephen Ward, a man about town, at her job
*) She and Stephen were never lovers but partied together
*) She had sex with Stephen's wealthy friend Peter Rachman
*) John Profumo, Secretary of State for War of the conservative party, first saw Christine at Cliveden House and watched her swimming naked
*) Stephen introduced Christine to John
*) Christine was still a teen, John was in his 40's
*) Christine described John as “a man with a wandering eye — and hands to match.”

*) Johnny Edgecombe and Aloysius Gordon were also simultaneously sleeping with Christine, which caused them to fight over her
*) Johnny Edgecombe shot a gun into the home of Stephen Ward because Christine was hiding from him
*) Because of Johnny's actions, the affair of Christine and John came to light in court

*) Her affair with commander Eugene Ivanov made British intelligence agencies fear that a breach of security could've happened

The Aftermath
*) Labour MP George Wigg used the scandal to his advantage by putting John and the conservative party on blast
*) John Profumo lied to the House of Commons about the affair and was forced to resign later
*) Stephen Ward was brought to trial over allegedly using Christine's "immoral earnings" for his benefit
*) Christine served 6 months in prison for perjury after she falsely accused Aloysius Gordon of assaulting her. He had been jailed for 3 years.
*) John's wife, Valerie Hobson, stood by her man through the entire drama
*) She wanted to be an actress but it never came to fruitation
*) BBC will release a series called,“The Trial of Christine Keeler” next year