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Casey Affleck Responds to Armie Hammer THR interview on him

Follow up to this post- https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/108534836.html

-Basically after Armie's interview in THR, and talking about Casey Affleck compared to Nate Parker. Let's just say it's a mess truly.

-Casey Affleck (The audacity) spoke out on Hammer's response to Page Six and said in the article
"Affleck’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, told Page Six Monday, “Mr. Hammer’s comparison of Mr. Parker’s situation to Mr. Affleck’s is extremely ignorant and reckless, and as Mr. Hammer must know, his statements are false. Putting aside differences in the actors’ performances and the quality of the films, Mr. Parker was charged, by the State, with rape and criminal sexual assault. Mr. Affleck was sued by individuals in two civil cases relating to his film ‘I’m Still Here,’ which were settled to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Mr. Hammer’s conflation of these two matters, as part of his Oscar campaign or otherwise, is extremely insensitive and highly irresponsible.”

-Eat shit Affleck, you still suck. Also he's presenting Best Actress like I can't...

Source #1: https://twitter.com/PageSix/status/935019427644477445
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