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The Expanse- First BTS look at Elizabeth Mitchell

What they're posing with is the Odyssey award they won for 'most inspiring and accurate vision of the future in entertainment'.

'Persepolis Rising', the 7th book of The Expanse is out December 5th. Sample chapters are already available. [Spoiler (click to open)] Holy 30 year time jump, Batman! President Drummer sure has a nice ring to it, though.

Some BTS pics-

(No, I have no guess what it is either)

(Casting news we can all get behind, Shohreh for all the roles.)

(Frankie is on Dom's right, Nadine Nicole is on her left)

Interview with Shohreh Aghdashloo. Excerpts:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* She believes that being organic in acting is about understanding your character, not judging them and finding common elements that you can relate to. 'Wearing the skin of the character', not to act but to live the character. For Avasarala, she drew inspiration from real life people, such as Indira Ganhi, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, who were the first politicians to cross her mind, when trying to envision Avasarala.

* She says that Avasarala's ultimate wish is to see the Earth in peace and harmony. But will such a day come around in her lifetime? Only time can answer. “It feels great to protect Mother Earth. It feels right to wish to eliminate the enemies of the Earth, as much as it feels painful to lose people whom I love and to witness betrayal of the people whom I trust.”

* Says that “Avasarala’s intelligence, wittiness, political knowledge and zest for life appealed to me most. Also, the fact that portraying such a larger-than-life character on an American TV series would bring a ray of hope to my fellow actors in the Middle East so that they, too, will be able to act in the international acting arenas.”

* About what sets The Expanse apart and appeals to her the most: “The authenticity. The show has received good reviews, but one of my favorites is one that was written by a scientist, claiming that The Expanse is the most accurate version of the future he has seen in the last two decades. And, of course, the diversity on the show. The Expanse has one of the most diverse casts on American television.”

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We still don't know when S3 will drop, besides it being 'before April', let's hope we get the trailer soon at least.

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