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ONTD Original: Top 10 Latino songs that have statistically ruled 2017

If you were alive in 2017, you might have heard the name "Despacito," the Latino hit single by Luis Fonsi (with his middle-age crisis, post Maluma-make over looks) and iconic reggaeton artist Ramón Ayala.

And while Despacito's success has perhaps been the biggest surprise of the year, the truth is the Latino music is going through one of its most popular eras since the mid-00s. Spanish-language songs are 1/3 of the most streamed songs on Youtube and their videos have incredible longevity.

I collected data from both Youtube and Spotify to make this list. It ranks the 10 most viewed Spanish-language videos released in 2017 according to views and stream numbers, and it also notes their release dates and provides a short description, for those non-Latinos who might not know who these people are.

To clarify, the first number in "YT ranking" corresponds to the ranking of the most viewed videos released in 2017. The number in parenthesis is the ranking of the most viewed videos in 2017, no matter if they were released in 2017 or another year.

Get ready for a sausage fest full of perreo!

J Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente
YT ranking: 3 (5)
Song release date: June 29
Views:1,335,269,664    Current average/day: 6,390,318
Spotify: 485,080,617

The uglier but arguably more talented Colombian reggaetonero, J Balvin, has the biggest Spanish-speaking song of the year after Despacito. A remix of French artist Willy William’s song “Voodoo Song”. The colorful video features a variety of people from around the world, including Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi (I don’t know why he’s a “thing,” apparently because he’s old and fit?). The song also has his Bieber-type cash grab version: a Beyoncé remix that was originally released as a charity single for hurricane victims.

Maluma - Felices los 4
YT ranking: 4 (6)
Song release date: April 21
Video release date: May 4
Views: 1,169,382,140    Current average/day: 2,217,979
Spotify: 375,676,237

Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’s song about open relationships (for those who don’t know, the song’s title comes from a saying that roughly translates as “all 4 people are happy in a long-distance relationship”) followed his controversial song 4 Babys, and it proved that people are still thirsting for this Known Hot Douchebag no matter what.

Chris Jeday ft. J. Balvin, Ozuna, Arcángel - Ahora Dice
YT ranking: 6 (11)
Views: 993,681,032   Current average/day: 939,903
Spotify: 241,318,859

I confess I had to Google Chris Jeday because I had no idea of who he was, but now I can tell you that Chris Jeday “is a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter who got his start producing for some notable names in reggaeton before branching out with his own music.” And what a way to branch out: recruiting some of the biggest artists and getting a huge hit.

Nicky Jam - El Amante
YT ranking: 7 (13)
Song release date: Jan 15
Views: 961,714,730   Current average/day: 800,859
Spotify: 297,240,052

Veteran reggaetonero Nicky Nicky Nicky Jam came back to mainstream recognition in 2014 with his hit “Travesuras,” and ever since then he can’t stop won’t stop. In 2017, he rose like a phoenix when he released his first album in 10 years and scored yet another hit with El Amante, after two summers of music domination with El Perdón (ugh) and Hasta El Amanecer.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox - SUBEME LA RADIO
YT ranking: 10 (18)
Song release date: Feb 24
Views: 845,894,803   Current average/day: 1,322,142
Spotify: 318,871,297

No, Enrique is not Latino, he’s Spaniard. In fact, he’s the only non-Latino in this list. Following his trend of all caps for his song titles, Súbeme La Radio was another huge international hit for this 42-year-old man who stays looking young and beautiful thanks to his Filipino genes.

Wisin ft. Ozuna - Escápate Conmigo
YT ranking: 11 (19)
Song release date: March 30
Views: 844,287,892   Current average/day: 2,033,744
Spotify: 282,622,823

W The Survivor, better known for his cheesy-ass rhymes and for being half of the iconic duo Wisin y Yandel, stays on top of the popularity game with or without Yandel (check their reunion song “Como Antes,” released this September, whenever you feel nostalgic). And as featured artist we have El Negrito de Ojos Claros, aka Ozuna, who is one of the artists currently representing Latin trap. He features in the 50% of the songs where Bad Bunny doesn’t sing.

J Balvin ft. Bad Bunny - Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola
YT ranking: 13 (23)
Song release date: March 30
Views: 766,367,697   Current average/day: 675,624
Spotify: 485,080,617

J. Balvin figures in our list for the third time, this time with famous mumbler and mainstream face of Latin trap, Bad Bunny bababa. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican artist who rose to fame between this year and last thanks to songs like “Ahora soy peor” and “Krippy Kush” and his multiple collaborations. You might hear him in 50% of the Top Latin Spofity playlists (those were Ozuna is not singing).

Becky G ft. Bad Bunny - Mayores
YT ranking: 16 (30)
Song release date: July 14
Views: 695,072,349    Current average/day: 7,076,511
Spotify: 147,880,847

Women? In my Spanish music? It’s more common than you’d think! You might know Becky G as that girl in Power Rangers, or you might have her some English songs she’s apparently released, but this Mexican-American singer hit the popularity jackpot this year, when she sang about her love for “older men” and how she likes them “bigger, those that don’t fit in her mouth…” And by “those” she means big kisses, obviously (not a joke, it’s the actual lyrics). Don’t forget that Becky G is 20-years-old, so, this song is totally appropriate, of course.

Natti Natasha ft. Ozuna - Criminal
YT ranking: 18 (32)
Song release date: Aug 18
Views: 679,242,102    Current average/day: 8,849,003
Spotify: 101,376,179

Second woman in the list! Dominican-singer Natti Natasha is better known for her feature in the moderate Don Omar hit Dutty Love/Perdido en tus ojos. Ozuna, El Negrito Ojos Claros, makes his second appearance in this list. As of today, when I’m writing this post, Criminal is the third most-watched video after Despacito and some Ed Sheeran bore.

Daddy Yankee ft. Ozuna - La Rompe Corazones
YT ranking: 19 (33)
Song release date: Jan 5
Views: 657,625,657    Current average/day: 112,350
Spotify: 216,030,226

DY is here, and he’s been having a great couple of years, scoring hit after hit. The iconic Gasolina/Rompe/Pose/Llamada de emergencia/Limbo singer and 65% of the reason behind Despacito’s original success (Bieber who?) is the last person in our list and with only a lyric video. This song also marks the fourth time Ozuna figures here, which makes him the artist with most songs in this top.

Danny Ocean - Me Rehúso
YT ranking: (22)
Song release date: Sep 18
Views: 801,885,602    Current average/day: 2,459,772
Spotify: 463,178,754

Danny Ocean is this year’s dark horse. Me Rehúso isn’t in the main list because, unlike every other entry, it was actually published in 2016, but it gained notoriety this year. This catchy and fun song is about the singer’s refusal to say goodbye to his girlfriend when he has to leaven his and OP’s home country (Venezuela), but also his hope of getting reunited one day. Danny Ocean is the first independent artist to position himself in all the Spotify Latin music charts.

Shakira - Me Enamoré
YT ranking: 31 (58)
Song release date: April 7
Video release date: May 12
Views: 481,116,251    Current average/day: 1,402,020
Spotify: 156,158,278

...And we've come to an end. So far, we've seen what we already knew: Spanish-speaking music is very much male-dominated and the artists topping the charts are pretty much the same people who've been doing it for years, with some new faces thrown in the mix. Oh, and if you're a woman, good luck if you aren't Shakira. Let's see what happens next year!

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What's your favorite Spanish-language song this year? Latino music post!
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