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Which upcoming DCEU films will die if "Justice League" continues to flop?

Given budget and box office calculations, along with marketing costs, Cinemascores, overseas takes, likely multipliers, and other confusing factors, Digital Trends assessed which films on WB/DC's ambitious upcoming slate are most likely to suffer if Justice League continues to underperform (as it almost certainly will).

Their results?


🎥 Aquaman. Principal photography has wrapped, so...

🎥 Wonder Woman 2. The sequel to the DCEU's most popular and profitable movie, starring its best-loved character, already has star Gal Godot and director Patty Jenkins on board.


🎬 The Batman. Even though it's almost certain that Ben Affleck is done hurting us as THE BAT OF GOTHAM, director Matt Reeves has stuck with the project and started scouting for a new Bruce Wayne. Also, solo Batman movies have made WB literally billions of dollars, so this lucrative standalone film is pretty sure to happen.

🎬 Flashpoint. Even though it's been plagued with development problems, the "get out of jail free card" that Flashpoint provides narratively (Flash goes back in time and changes the present) is too valuable to throw away, for anything from recasting actors to changing characterization.

🎬 Shazam! Has a script, a director, a main character, and several other cast members signed on.

🎬 Suicide Squad 2. Seriously. It made money, and Will Smith and Margot Robbie are contracted for the sequel. Also, it's rumored The Rock's "Black Adam" character might make his debut here.


Batgirl. Unfortunately, the report that Joss Whedon is off the project is fake news. There IS, however, no star, and WB probably wants to see how "The Batman" does before introducing any members of the Bat-Family.

Black Adam. Literally the only thing this movie has going for it is The Rock pushing for it. Otherwise it has no script or director, nor anyone at WB who seems to care. MAYBE if they introduce the character in Suicide Squad 2, but otherwise, unlikely.

Cyborg. No writers, producers, or director, and the character did not set the audience's attention on fire in Justice League. He seems to be a very low priority for WB (gee, I wonder why).

Gotham City Sirens. David Ayer wants this to be his next DC project (yuck) and Margot Robbie has claimed she'll play Harley Quinn in it. The problem is that Robbie has like six other movies lined up, including Suicide Squad 2, so when is she supposed to have time for this? Also seems to be a low priority for the studio (gee, I wonder why).


Justice League Dark. Had Guillermo del Toro attached, but he abandoned it in 2015 when talks with execs went nowhere. Currently has no script or director, and was meant to piggyback off the success of the regular "Justice League," in title among other things -- meaning that JL's failure makes this one's creation extremely unlikely.

Green Lantern Corps. The specter of 2011's Ryan Reynolds flop still haunts WB/DC, and while there were a few flashbacks to Green Lanterns helping to defeat Steppenwolf in Justice League, the movie's lack of success is going to make WB want to stick with safer, surefire hits, not heroes that are still mocked from their last outing.


What think ye, ONTD? What parts of the DCEU should WB focus on?
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